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Professional relationships are key to successful business development and marketing. DE Consulting's business development representatives have developed professional relationships with many government program managers in position to award Advisory and Assistance Services (A&AS), aircraft modification services including Contract Field Teams (CFT), avionics repair services, manufacturing services, modification kitting assembly services, Diminishing Manufacturing Sources Material Shortages (DMSMS) (obsolescence) resolution services and system development contracts. These relationships have developed over many years of frequent visits and discussions related to new contracting opportunities. Many of the senior leaders and program managers on Robins AFB have a comfortable and mutually beneficial relationship with our business development representatives. However, effective business development and marketing are only part of the process. Your proposal must present your company as highly qualified to execute the contract. The proposal is the most important document your company will present to the government related to a contract award.   
Evaluation of your proposal, by the government, is the first step toward contract award. Your proposal must answer all the requirements within the contract solicitation to show your company is qualified and capable of meeting the contract requirements. If your proposal does not answer all the contract requirements, your company may be disqualified from competition. DE Consulting's proposal consultants have proven success at proposal writing or are retired civil servants who reviewed proposals as part of the contract award process. Our proposal consultants will review your draft proposal and provide expert advice and recommended edits to improve the quality of your proposal. Their unique experience at proposal writing and evaluation will help ensure your proposal addresses all the requirements and makes it through the evaluation process. Proposals, which fail the initial review, will not be considered for contract award.  

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