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Defense Industry Business Development Consulting
C-130 WorldWide Review 2012
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Davidson Enterprise LLC


DE Consulting is a group of consultants who have worked within the defense industry performing business development or retired from civil service previously involved in the contract award process. Working together, this group of consultants provides a unique prospective on proposal writing and years of experience in business development on Robins AFB. DE Consulting can bring your company to new markets and introduce exciting new federal contracting opportunities with Warner Robins Air Logistics Center (WR-ALC) at Robins AFB. When you consider the cost of employee benefits and insurance, our entire team of experienced professionals will cost less than a single experienced employee.

Whether your company is new to federal contracting or has been working in the defense industry for years. We can help identify new opportunities to bid on federal contracts. If your company is new to defense industry and federal contracting, we can teach you how to understand and evaluate federal solicitations. We have helped small businesses in the past propose, bid, and win their first federal contract. We want to help your company successfully compete in the defense industry for federal contracts. Your success is our success.

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